Padres Activos de Hoy

Padres Activos de Hoy features all-new video with Latino actors and is designed for three sessions lasting 2 hours each, but it is flexible enough to fit different needs.

To read more about this program in Spanish! Click Padres Activos de hoy (en español)

 It addresses concerns unique to this audience, including:



1. How parenting practices must fit the society for which we are raising our children (a special challenge for first-generation
immigrant parents)

2. The presence of the extended family in the home

3. Encouraging daughters as well as sons to succeed

4. The importance of learning the language of the land.


Parents also learn how to build courage and self-esteem, communication skills, win cooperation from their child, use family meetings to solve problems, and emphasize the family unit.


For additional information about Padre Activos de Hoy , please contact: Luis Benites at 610-388-7400 or by email at: